Chinese Weightlifting Seminar By Singapore Weightlifting Federation

Seminar with Coach Wu

Coach Wu


Date: 4 October 2015
Time: 8am – 12pm OR 1pm – 5pm
Rp. 1.500.000

This includes the 4 hour workshop with Coach Wu and 4 additional Olympic sessions with Coach Tom. 2 session before the workshop to review Olympic lifting basics , and 2 sessions after the workshop to practice and fine tune techniques shared at the workshop.

Rp.2.000.000 (Early registration and payment before 31 August 2015)
Ro. 2.500.000 (Registrations after 31 August)
This includes the 4 hour workshop with Coach Wu and one month complimentary membership to CrossFit 6221 to practice the drills shared in the workshop.

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8am – 12pm Session

1pm – 5pm Session

Program of Workshop

Level 1 is a unique “Reverse” mode, this mode involves training and experimenting to find the way each individual can learn and understand the weightlifting techniques.

General Theory & Practice Session

  • The Chinese weightlifting methodology
  • Understanding Olympic Weightlifting
  • Weightlifting technique and mechanics
  • Learning how to use the legs
  • How to find the correct positions
  • Understand what and why do extend extension
  • The importance of balance, why it must not be called balance
  • Introduction into the importance and usage of the back squat in al movements
  • The optimal way to do Back Squats and explanation


  • What is the use the Lats & Quads and why?
  • Behind the neck push press
  • Important and interesting rhythm jump
  • Common errors in the Full Extension, High Pull & Balance
  • Supporting the weights
  • Control of Tempo/Speed/Explosiveness
  • Accurate First Pull
  • Trainees Demonstration with 1-1 technical analysis
  • Coach Wu’s Demonstration

Clean & Jerk

  • The importance of controlling the “lats” and expanding its power
  • Cleans in Parts (1st pull, 2nd pull, full extension, catch, drive)
  • Chuanfu “C” cleans
  • The racking system
  • Detailed Explanation of Jerks (Dips, Push, Power, Squat, Split)
  • Front Squat
  • Explosiveness and Tempo
  • Stride jerks
  • Coach’s Demonstrations


About the Workshop and Coach Wu

Coach Wu ChuanFu is head coach of Singapore national weightlifting team he also is a former member of the Chinese National Olympic Weightlifting Team. From 2002 to 2004, he was coached by Coach Yu Jie in the People’s Liberation Army (PLA). Coach Yu Jie is also the coach for Lu Xiaojun, Liao Hui, Lu Haojie and Tian Tao all of whom are Chinese national champions, world champions and world record holders, and Coach Wu has trained alongside them.

At his prime, he attained 2nd position at the Chinese National Weightlifting championships twice, attaining a total of 304kg as a 62kg lifter and 335kg as a 69kg lifter. He has a max snatch of 157kg and 190 clean and jerk weighing 72kg.

During his time as a coach he has trained many competitive Cross Fitters & Fitness athletes, and understands the special needs of weightlifting in Crossfit.