Warm Up
Shoulder Mobility
Inch Worm to Cobra
Lunge Twist

2 rounds of:
10 Good morning with PVC
10 Air Squat
5 Air Squat Hold at bottom position for 3 counts
10 sit ups
Skills / Strength
Pull Up Work:
5 sets: active bottom hold 15sec – rest 30sec
5 x 8: Hanging superman – hollow (1 rep is 1 superman+hollow) rest 1min between set


Warm up to 80% effort working weight
With working sets, make sure you rest 30-45seconds between sets. No more than 60 secs rest.
5 X 3 DEADLIFT 80%

3 rounds of:
10 mats distance Farmers walk (80% effort) – go and back at 5th mat
20 Pushups on kettlebells*
30 Goblet squats

For Goblet can use the same kb as farmers walk
Recommended weight: Male 20kg, Female 12kg
*Scale push ups to regular or inclined if necessary. STRICT FORM ON PUSH UPS