Warm Up
Bunny hops 2x width of box
Inch worm to cobra
10 Squat jumps
30 Mt climbers

Front rack double KB carry 2x width of box
OH single arm KB carry 2x width of box per arm

Skill / Strength
Experienced athletes, spend 10 minutes to warm up to heavy singles.
Then do 5 x 1 @ 90-95%

For newer athletes, work with light weight and focus on form.
5 x 3 at 60 – 70% effort

5 X 1 DEADLIFT 95%


If time permits, revise tips for double unders before the MetCon


Buy In: 50 double unders*

3 rounds:
10 dumbbell rows per arm (60-70% effort
20 goblet squat 50% effort (light weight)

Buy Out: 50 Double Unders*

Please do your best to attempt double unders, if you do not have your double unders, you can choose to try or do TUCK JUMPS. Tuck jumps are harder, so you should attempt the double unders! No SINGLE UNDERS PERMITTED!