Warm Up

Shoulder Mobility / Open T-Spine
Joint mobility

2 rounds of:
5 inch worm to cobra
10 Plank to push up
10 Bar good mornings
Walk 1 length of box with dumbell or kettlebell overhead / arm
Skill / Strength

Handstand progression:
Rower (Inverted V) – 5×5 hold 2 sec on pike
Med Ball (Shin to Toes, inverted V) 5×5 hold 2 sec on pike
Box 2×10 shoulder tap
Wall Walk (2×10 Shoulder Tap OR 1×5 Thigh Tap AND 2×6 Leg bent)
Warm up with a medium weight.
Do one set 1×5 then move to working weight.
Beginners use kettlebells.
3 X 3

30 OH Plate Situps
60 Lateral Lunges with plate (30L/30R)
1 Lap run
30 ring rows
30 Burpees