Warm Up
Shoulder mobility and stretch
Joint mobility
Pvc good mornings
Inch worm to cobra (to half the room)
10x sit ups
Frankenstein kick
10x sit ups
High knees
Butt kicks
5x inch worm to cobra

Skill / Strength
Push up progression
Using the appropriate scaling of needed.
5 sets of 5x slow push ups (plank to bottom of push up 3 counts. Hold for one second at bottom then quick up)

Deadlift @ 80% effort
5 X 3 DEADLIFT 80%

10 mins AMRAP
7 burpees high jump (have to touch ring)
7 toes to rings

burpees box jump
knees to elbow

Adjust ring height only if needed. For taller people the burpees should be harder but easier to reach the ring. For shorter people, its the other way around.