Warm Up
Shoulder Mobility
Lunge stretch (Lunge back and lift back leg and hold 5 sec, 5 per leg)

4 rounds of:
5 squats
6 side lunges
10 Jumping Jacks

4 Rounds: 60 sec on 30 sec rest
1 min plank med ball pass

Skill / Strength
5 rounds:
L-Sits (20 sec on, 30 sec off)

Turkish Get Up
3 sets, 2 per arm, switch, rest.

Partner Workout:
50 Synchronised Star Jumps
50 Overhead ball throw
50 Ball passes with partners squatting back to back *
5 lap run together

*everytime partners collapse on the back to back squat, team must stop and do one burpee each before continuing with the ball passes.