Warm Up
Shoulder Mobility

Partner Warm Up:
1 lap run – sit up (switch)
Downward dog hold – crawl under ( switch after crawl) 1 box length
Plank hold – Jump over ( switch after every jump) 1 box length
1 box length wheel barrow ( switch after 1 length)

Skill/ Strength
Pull Up Progressions
3 rounds:
15 secs Dead hang
5 Lat Activation
10 secs Top Hold then negative down (at least 5 seconds)
REST (at least 1 minute)


5 X 5 : Back Squat
Warm up to weight where you can do 5 back squats without break.
Then do working set

Partner Wod
6 rounds of (each person does 3 rounds):
1 lap Farmers walk (2x 15 kgs /2×20 kgs)
Med Ball woodChop

One partner Farmers Walk while the other woodchopping and then switch.
Score is woodchop reps