Warm Up
Stretch and then do
4 Laps Run, each lap start with 100m of
-High Knees
-Walking Lunges & Front Kick
-Single Leg Deadlift
-Forward Hop
KB Basic Technique (16kg/12kg)
KB Complex Circuit 3 rounds for time
L Side:
10 KB Single Arm Clean
10 KB Single Rack Squat
10 KB Single Arm Push Press
Repeat R Side

Rest 90sec in between circuit

(25:15), 4 rounds
Burpees Over KB
KB Goblet Squat
KB Swing
KB Alt Backward Lunge
Rest 2 Min

Core (30:15), 4 rounds
KB Russian Twist
Elbow Plank with KB Touches
KB Dead Bug (lift KB in front of Chest)