Warm Up
Joint Stretches
3 Minutes cardio of your choice, max effort!
(Burpees, Sprint, Ass Bike, DU)
Plank T Rotation
Air Squat
Do it in interval of 40sec on, 20 sec off
Rest for 40 sec longer everytime you finish 5 rounds

40 KB Goblet Squat
12 Burpees
40 BW Lunges
12 Burpees
40 KB Swing
12 Burpees
40 BW Mountain Climbers
12 Burpees
40 KB Single Arm Thruster (20 each)
12 Burpees
40 Butterfly Sit-Up (Locked Arm in Front of Chest)

*Wait everyone to finish, do follow the other to do 40:20
EMOM Hold Plank & Hold Squat