Warm Up
3 rounds of
1 lap run
12 reps each Crab Toe Touches
12 reps each Spider and Reach
30 sec Plank
2 is Better Than 1

Grab a moderate Single DB (10/7.5)
25 sec work, 10 sec rest, 5 rounds
1 min rest in between each superset

Superset 1
Hold Boat and Close Grip Alt Shoulder Presses
Donkey Hops Over DB

Superset 2
Deadlift to Close Grip Row to Squat & Front Raise
Kneeling Iso Curl and Press

Superset 3
Repeat Squat with Speed Alt Row
Abs Knee Tuck Variation

Superset 4
Close Stance Goblet Squat to Alt Lunges
Alt Renegade Row

Finisher: 8 min AMRAP
Single arm OH walking lunges to the other side.
When you reach the end, perform 5 thruster and
repeat with the other arm without dropping the DB.
Everytime you drop the DB, do 8 burpees.