Warm Up
3 rounds
5 Jefferson curls
10 Archer squats
30s Dead hang
3×8 False grip ring pull ups
Skills (If can do RMU go through skills also)
– Row to transition x 10 (or until efficient)
*Pull the rings to sternum and push chest though to a dip position
– High dip to transition x10 (or until efficient)
*Descend from a high dip position into a reverse MU transition
slide into false grip by putting knuckles together this must be slow and controlled
– Jumping transition to dip x10 (or until efficient)
*Set the rings forhead height, start in falsegrip now jump so your sternum
touches t
EMOM 15: (4 rounds)
1: F9/M5 SB squats @ 45kg
2: 8 Bench press 70/40
3: 15/11 cal row
4: Rest.