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Why Should I Work on Pistols? (Pt.1)

Why Should I work on Pistols?


The pistol squat tests 4 out of the ten skills of Crossfit: strength, flexibility, balance and coordination. Single leg squats help to improve overall balance and by developing the strength to do pistols, it will benefit all your other squats as well as your deadlift. So, why is the pistols so demanding.


Balance-pistols teaches what is “rooting”, as forming a solid connection to the ground. Because we are shifting the body’s center of mass over a narrow base of support, and for an extended range of motion, balance is challenged and trained in a dynamic fashion.


Flexibility-the muscles and joints of the legs, low back, hips and ankles are required to work at the extreme ranges of motion, both in flexion and extension.


Strength-the powerful muscles of the glutes and thighs are moving the body weight throughout a very narrow base of support, thereby recruiting tremendous stabilizer function in all the lower body joints; tension is maintained throughout the eccentric, isometric and concentric portions; the core musculature is recruited to maintain balance and alignment.


Coordination-the neuromuscular system is challenged by the multiple requirements involved in pistol practice-balancing, contracting and stretching.


Focus/Mental attitude-a clear focus and concentration is required to maintain control over the body; fear and restricted movement is overcome by releasing our fear of falling and reintroducing freedom of motion.

We will post Part 2 soon. Stay tuned!