Tips of The Week

Wall Balls – Make Them Suck Less!

Wall Balls look easy, but any CrossFitter who has done these know how they can suck. Here are a few tips to ensure you have better efficiencies when doing wall balls, and hopefully they will suck less!

Points of Performance:
– Ensure the bottom of the squat is below hip crease
– Ball should hit the wall above the line or at minimum the middle of the ball must hit the line.

– Keep your elbows tucked in to support the wall ball at face height. Letting the ball drop below your face will cause extra load.
– Focus on driving the ball up with your legs, not your arms. Come out of your squat and as you extend power through the hips. For athletes who are not blessed with height, you may feel that a jump is necessary at this point.
– Use the momentum of the ball. As the ball is falling down, do not catch and stop the ball. Anticipate the ball dropping and drop down with the catch with the momentum of the ball.

For more tips, see the video below: