Tips of The Week

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is a great way to work out legs, as well as working out your balance and stability. It looks easy, however, to be done properly requires much body control. If done incorrectly it may cause unnecessary injuries, especially to your knees.

Tips and Performance Factors on lunges:

-It is important to achieve the complete Range of Movement with each lunge without your knees crashing into the floor. Back leg should slightly tap the floor, but the body should not completely relax so that the back knee slams into the floor;

– Ensure your body is in an upright position, keep your torso up and keep your head facing forward;

– Feet should be about hip distance apart to create a steady base. If they are in front of each other, you will find the tendency to “topple”;

– When lowering down into the lunge, do not push forward onto the front leg and knees. Aim to lower the hip down vertically;

– Focus on keeping the front shin relatively vertical with each lunge.

For more tips, see the video below: