Tips of The Week

Toes To Bar (TTB or T2B)


The Toes-to-Bar which is written as T2B on the WOD board is one most dynamic core movements. A T2B is similar to a V-Up where the primary mover is the hip flexion, but this movement also requires you to hang from a bar to include an element of grip strength and greater flexibility.

Some performance tips:

  • Hands just outside shoulder width
  • Full grip on the bar
  • Start hanging with arms extended
  • Initiate swing with shoulders
  • Alternate between arched and hollow positions
  • Lift feet towards bar while in hollow position
  • At the same time, push down on the bar with straight arms
  • Both feet contact the bar between the hands

Here’s a video on efficient Knees To Elbow/Toes To Bar.