Tips of The Week

Tips for The Power Clean

The Power Clean is an olympic lifting movement where the barbell is lifted from the floor then caught in the rack position in one smooth movement.

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So grab yourself a barbell or use your imagination… Let’s begin.
Set up – Approach the barbell with your feet hip width apart, shins touching the bar and your hands grasping the bar in a HOOK grip just outside shoulder width apart.


1st: Use your strength, deadlift the bar with good technique – Make sure your shoulders are slightly in-front of the bar, take a deep breath and raise your shoulders and hips at the same rate – Be sure to maintain the lumbar curve in your back!


2nd: Power from your HIP drive – Once the bar has passed your knees rapidly extend your hips while keeping your feet glued to the floor until your knees and hips extend. Your hips, ankles and knees will extend simultaneously this is called triple extension. Triple extension of your body gives the bar upward momentum.


3rd. Speed of your body underneath the bar – At the height of your triple extension shrug your shoulders up and pull yourself underneath the bar, wrap your elbows under and around the bar, finishing with your elbows high – This happens fast so be sure to think about the movement first.


Finish – Catch the bar in a partial squat (maintain a perfect squat stance as you do this!) Once the bar is caught, stand to full extension!


  • The bar isn’t reverse curled up, the power from your hips gives the bar upward momentum, the shrug from your shoulders pulls your body underneath.


  • In the set-up. Once hook grip is on the bar turn your knuckles down as you pull, this will help keep the bar close.


  • Keep the bar close – If not unaccountable weight will be added to the bar!


  • Transition your feet from power stance to squat stance when you shrug your shoulders.


  • Be patient in the triple extension – be sure to reach full height before pulling yourself underneath.