Tips of The Week

Thrusters Tips

Thrusters are basically a combined movement of a Front Squat into a Push Press. The drive and momentum from the legs and hips assists with pressing the bar overhead. A few tips on doing good thrusters:

– Elbows need to remain high, and bar should rest on the body. Do not hold the bar out away from the body. Holding the bar away from the body will pull you forward, and also place unnecessary tension on your wrists.

– When coming up, the momentum of the hip drive will “thrust” the bar up. If the bar is in contact with the body, that momentum will push all the way through.

– At the top position, make sure you lock your arms out, and drive the head through. Aim for biceps to your ears and avoid pushing the bar out in-front of your body.

Watch this video for some more tips from Jason Khalipa: