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The Turkish Get Up (TGU)

Turkish Get Ups aka TGU 

The Turkish Get Up is a highly dynamic and complex movement that encapsulates a series of movements where you go from lying down to standing up with a kettlebell or dumbbell without crushing your face.
Why Should We Do These? 
The biggest benefit of the TGU is increase shoulder stability. It requires the arm to be in a stable position while moving through multiple planes of motion. You also have to stabilize the kettlebell from rotating around your wrist, which takes a lot of rotator cuff involvement, making this a much more involved shoulder training movement compared to endless external rotations with a band.
TGU’s also bring a lot of hip and core action into the picture where it requires a good deal of strength and control to lock into positions and not fall over, all while breathing regularly to stay relaxed.


Steps to do a TGU

1.    Cradle and grip the kettlebell.


2.    Press the kettlebell overhead.
Lock out the elbow, and pull the loaded shoulder into its socket. Bend the knee on the side of the body that’s holding the kettlebell. Place the opposite arm on the floor approximately 45 degrees from the body.


3. Roll Up Onto The Elbow, Then The Hand


4. Lift the Hips.
Squeeze your glutes and lift your hips off the ground high enough to be able to move your outstretched leg under your body. You’ll support yourself on one arm, the heel of the straight leg, and the surface of your flat foot, like a tripod.


5. Sweep The Leg And Find A Lunge
You’ll end up in a position that makes your legs appear to be 90 degrees from each other. One knee will be pointing straight ahead, and the other should point directly at the hand on the floor.
Keep your neck rotated upward, looking up at the kettlebell in your hand.


6. Stand Up From The Lunge
Take your support hand off the floor and move your body upright, keeping the kettlebell overhead. At this point, shift your gaze so you are looking straight ahead.

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