Tips of The Week

Proper Push Ups

Push ups are a great exercise that has been used in many workout routines. However, doing push ups correctly are important to ensure that you are maximising the benefits from this exercise.

It is important to achieve the complete Range of Movement with each push up. Quality push ups are much more important than wasted reps of half up and downs.

Tips and Performance Factors on Push Ups:

– For regular push ups, start with your hands slightly outside your shoulders. Going to wide can strain your shoulders, especially with high number of repetitions;

– Ensure your body is in a rigid plank position. Do not “sag” your hips down or “pike” your butt up;

– Lower your body down holding the plank position tight, keep your core activated, squeeze your glutes;

– Chest must hit the floor to achieve full range of motion;

– Push back up whilst keeping body in the same tight rigid plank position.

For more tips, see the video below: