Tips of The Week

Cycling Thrusters

Quite a number of people would cringe when there’s a thruster WOD. It is tough physically and mentally. The thruster is a serious compound (utilizes more than one joint) exercise that combines a clean, front squat and push press. Needless to say, the thruster is very much a whole-body exercise – like the burpee. It is metabolically demanding and elevates your heart rate.

By now, most would know how to do a thruster. Here are some tips to improve your thruster and how to cycle them more efficiently.

  1. Drive Through Your Heels
    As soon as you come onto your toes, you are generating momentum forward and you have nothing to push off against, meaning you will lose power.
  2. Keep The Movement Fluid
    It is important that you avoid pausing in the middle of this movement, otherwise you will have to press the bar overhead, or do an extra front squat.
    Try resting when you lock out the bar overhead.
    The timing of the barbell from the top to the front squat, as the barbell passes your eye level that is the signal for you body to move info a front squat position.
    The barbell should meet your shoulders as you get into the front squat position.
  3. Don’t Have A Tight Grip
    At least a relax grip at front rack position. A tight grip can quickly fatigue your forearms. When the bar is overhead, tighten your grip to prevent the bar from wobbling.
  4. Breathe
    Try one breath per thruster, inhale on the way sown and exhale at the top of the press.

For more tips see this video: