Tips of The Week

Box Jumps

Box Jumps are one of the movements in CrossFit that seem very daunting at first, however, most of the time, athletes let the fear of jumping on to the box block them before they try the movement.

Before you attempt box jumps, talk to your coach to ensure you are clear to perform this movement, or require modifications to make it safer for you. Some things that we look out for are athletes with existing ankle or knee injuries. If you have injuries in these areas, we would not recommend doing box jumps. Also, athletes who are heavier may need to step up and down to avoid unnecessary impact to ankles and knees.

Box Jump Points of Performance:
– Both feet must land on box
– Full extension at the top of the box. Full extension means, you knees and hips cannot be bent, standing up straight.

Some performance factors (for RX athletes who have no issues with jumping):
– Use the top of the box as resting position
– Rebound at the bottom of the jump as resting at the bottom requires more energy to reload the jump up
– Land balanced on the box
– Don’t look down on the box

For more tips on box jump efficiencies have a look at this link: