Success Stories

I Want to Live to Tell My Grandkids – “I’ve been there and done that”…

Occupation:Marketing Communication - Advertising
CrossFit since:November 2015
Goals when starting:

I just wanted to see how long I would last in this gruesome sport.

Achievement:Stronger back - I have not felt any pain on my back since. I can now back squat, front squat and deadlift with more weight than what I started with. I feel much fitter and have more stamina whenI do other sports.

Athlete’s Story


I have been training with 6221 for about 18 months. Back then I heard of Crossfit but had no clue what it was. I was introduced to CF by Pat and Dick of whom were members of 6221. At first, I wasn’t that interested after checking it out on YouTube. After few weeks, and constant “encouragements” from these two, I decided to take on the free trial class. Did not like it, almost died! But then again, the cheap side of me thought that I still had one more free class and decided against my logic to give it one last go. Still didn’t like it, but I still managed to not die because this time I had some idea of what to expect out of the WOD. My thinking was, if other people could, I should too. So I decided to endure it – and what made be able to endure Crossfit was largely due to the kind attention of the coaches, and the genuine encouragements of other 6221 members. Now, I can thoroughly enjoy the WODs, except for the burpees :-).

In short, I started because of Pat & Dick “testimonies”, and realized afterward that I was so sluggish and needed to get stronger.

Top Tip:

“If you want to get stronger and healthier, this is the one sport that you should consider. It’s not an easy sport, but then again nothing rewarding ever comes out of easiness. However, the pain could be “forgotten” rather fast, and your objective be more achievable if you have people who have been there, and care enough to get you there with them. You’ll find that at 6221, because it’s not just a box, it’s a family.”


My future Crossfit Goals:
Lift a little heavier, jump a little higher, run a little longer, and live to tell these to my grand children 🙂