I Want to Live to Tell My Grandkids – “I’ve been there and done that”…

I have been training with 6221 for about 18 months. Back then I heard of Crossfit but had no clue what it was. I was introduced to CF by Pat and Dick of whom were members of 6221. At first, I wasn’t that interested after checking it out on YouTube. After few weeks, and constant […]

2016 Athlete of The Year – Ricky “Panda” Ngani

We would like to congratulate Ricky “Panda” Ngani for his achievements this year. He has definitely earned this title of Athlete of the Year.                             Before Ricky decided he needed to take charge of his life…     …and the transformation   Panda has been […]

A Pregnant CrossFit Coach’s Journey

  Last year was a big year for me. A couple of weeks after CrossFit 6221 opened, I found out that I was pregnant. So, for many of our members, in the past year I have been known as the pregnant coach. It wasn’t an easy period for me personally, especially during the time I […]