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The Split Jerk

The split jerk is an olympic weightlifting move which is used to get the barbell from shoulder to overhead post cleaning. It requires strength, power, coordination, timing and the patience to learn. Follow these simple steps to get jerking in no time! FRAMES 1, 2 – Stance: Feet shoulder width apart, core braced, chest up, elbows […]

CrossFit 6221 #areyouCrossFit Burpees Challenge for Rachel House

On Saturday, 26th September 2015, members of CrossFit 6221 community along wit family and friends came together to do one minute of burpees to raise funds for Rachel House Rachel House is a non-profit organisation which provides palliative care for children living under the poverty line in Indonesia. We are very grateful to all […]

CrossFit 6221 goes to the Indonesia Fitness Games

                                    Five weeks ago the CrossFit affiliates in Indonesia was approached by GoIfex to hold a CrossFit competition. Lead by Brian Pandji, from CrossFit Equator, the affiliates, across Jakarta held a meeting, and the Indonesia Fitness Games was […]

In the Spotlight

A huge thank you to Elle Wibisono for the review of our box in her blog Elle Wibisono: Die TogetherDoing CrossFit Here is a snippet “Clarification on the title: this really isn’t exclusively something to do only with your significant other. Bring your friends, family, colleague, whatever, I bet you all gonna have a good time. […]

Team CrossFit 6221 at SEAP Masters

Team CrossFit 6221 at SEAP Masters Indonesia Short Course Swim Meet 2015, 31st May 2015

CrossFit is about training using functional movements to achieve general physical preparedness (GPP). This means in training CrossFit we should be training in all different modals, which includes SWIMMING! Though we do not spend as much time in the pool as in the box lifting weights or doing an intense workout, we decided to put […]