What if I have a particular injury?

You can still come in for a work out! If you have a new or old injury, please be sure to inform our coaches. We will work with you to ensure that you are moving correctly and avoid movements that may aggravate your injury. Just like we can scale any movements, we can also prescribe […]

What is your membership cancellation policy?

We require one week notice, and there’s no cancellation fee.

Do you have showers?

Yes we do. We provide towels as well.

What are the steps for me to get started?

Contact us  to sign up for a free trial. Once you have completed this, depending on your experience with CrossFit we will recommend you to join our Fundamentals Program or if you can jump right into our regular membership.  

I don’t want to get bulky from lifting weights

Strength training and lifting weights will help develop muscle, and this is essential to looking fit and lean. In order to achieve the ‘bulky’ look, there is specific training involved and a lot of specific nutritional requirements. Here is a link to a great article you can read that dispels the myth of strength training […]

I have never lifted weights. Do I need to be experienced to join CrossFit?

In CrossFit we program lifting as part of our strength training because it is a fundamental component of CrossFit. You do not need any prior experience, if you have never lifted weights before, we will help you, you will work with a coach who will teach you the fundamentals to lifting, technique and the correct […]

Am I fit enough to join CrossFit?

We promote that CrossFit can be for anyone because all the movement’s used in our workouts are scaleable. This means that we will modify the movement to your skill level and your ability if you cannot do the movement that is prescribed.

What’s the difference between a gym and a CrossFit box

When you come into a CrossFit box you don’t need to put any thought into your workout. Our coaching team designs the workout for each day according to a program we have in place. All you have to do is turn up, give it your 100% and have fun. You won’t have to work out […]