We want CrossFit 6221 to represent CrossFit Jakarta

"62 is the country code of Indonesia, 21 is the area code of Jakarta."

What some of our members have said about CrossFit

"Happy when I'm fit, mentally, physically"

"Helping people get fit and you just never get bored"

"So CrossFit has definitely rounded me out more as an athlete, jump rope, stand on my hands, gymnastics, it's been fun."

"I chose it just because it was an effective way to get fit."

"In CrossFit we have 10 different areas of fitness and it looks at the person as a complete whole - all the way from cardio stamina, to the strength, to agility, coordination, balance, flexibility, so if you take fitness as a 10 different components looking at the overall person, yes, I do think CrossFit can make someone be the fittest person"